Whether you’re a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, it’s no fun to be sidelined by a painful sports-related injury.

To get back to the activities you love, visit the board-certified orthopaedic doctors at the Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics - Parkway Division. We have helped thousands of people recover from sports injuries and reclaim their lifestyles.

Our physicians provide sports medicine care to physically active and athletic people of all ages in Hagerstown, Maryland and the surrounding quad-state region. They have many years of experience diagnosing and treating a wide range of sports-related injuries affecting the shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, and ankle.

In most cases, our doctors will recommend conservative treatment, such as physical or occupational therapy, before surgery. If surgery is necessary, however, our doctors are experts in minimally invasive, arthroscopic treatment and joint replacement surgery of the shoulder, knee, and hip.

Dr. Rothen, a board-certified orthopaedic sports medicine physician, specializes in treating sports-related injuries in grade school, high school, and collegiate athletes. She is personally active in various sporting endeavors herself, thus allowing her to understand the mind and body of an athlete.

Dr. Amalfitano, who is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon is very experienced in treating sports-related injuries in athletes. He is one of the team physicians for the Washington Nationals major league baseball team, as well as their minor league affiliate located here in Hagerstown.  Each spring he travels to their spring training facility in Viera, Florida to care for the players.  He has also served as the team physician for the Hagerstown Community College Basketball team.

For amateur and serious golfers alike, our very own Laura Blair, PT, is a golf fitness instructor certified by the Titleist Performance Institute. She will incorporate golf-specific flexibility, strength, and balance exercises to help improve your swing and your game.

For your convenience, we also provide casting and durable medical equipment within our office. Whether you need a splint, brace, or crutches, we’ll fix you up so you can be on your way without a hassle.

Get back to your game today. At the Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics - Parkway Division, we are committed to delivering the most comprehensive sports medicine services in Hagerstown, Maryland and the surrounding regions of Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Virginia. Call us today at (301) 665-4575 or request an appointment online.

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